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at Coherent

31. 5. – 7. 7. 2018


COHERENT, SCANDALE PROJECT, artist, contemporary artist, emerging artist, art installation, visual art, photography, photographer, art exhibition, exhibition view, creation, artist, contemporary art, Interview, groupshow, group show, art scandal project, scandaleproject,
KRISTINA ÕLLEK : Under Certain Circumstances (Static Snthetic 1.0) –
Video in loop, crystal resign, humidity of the space, blue light – 2018


A Brief Introduction To Physiological Anthropology is an invitation for the viewers to explore and consider the links between several territories, considering the human body to be one of them. This exhibition questions the adaptability and interactions, where each territory is defined as a metaphor of a public space that is composed of multiple bodies, in which fluxes flow through. How do these fluxes built and transform these spaces? And thus, how do we adapt?
Through the art works of Alexander Duke, Valérian Goalec, and Kristina Õllek, this exhibition questions the relation between these different
territories and how they constantly reinvent themselves through a permanent dialogue.

– Maxime Souvent





Born in 1989 in Le Chesnay
Lives and works in Brussels
Graduated of Beaux-Arts Paris

Like a photoreporter, Alexander Duke is the spokesman for his contemporaneity. He borrows from his reality the usual objects, industrial elements and artefacts of architecture, which he calls “vocabulary elements”. He extracts them from their original context to assign them an entirely different function. With these elements of vocabulary, the artist composes his own story.

Alexander Duke works mainly with objects that aren’t very valued by the society as well as non-places, unused areas. With this anthropological approach, the artist gives a new function almost a sacred dimension to the underprivileged.

With this approach, Alexander Duke disturbs the idea of “the original function” of an object. There is no concrete reality, he reinvests its function by building a fiction. With this work on objects, the line between reality and fiction becomes invisible and intangible. The same process apply to non-places. The artist structures “spaces” in other spaces. He modifies them and integrates them in other spaces. Once again, he disturbes the attributions of concept dictated unconsciously by the human mind.

The work of Alexander Duke has been presented in several cultural institutions. It was the subject of Chinese exhibitions in Xi’an like “A real-fake world, Shaan’xi Futo Ceramic” at the Museum of Art Xi’an and “Time Mark, Sculpture Department” at the Gallery the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. His works were also exhibited in Paris at ENSBA with “studio # 2, DNSAP” or “A dimension of reality” at the Immix Gallery. Recently, Alexander Duke showed his work at the exhibition “The Locker” proposed by the ERG in Brussels.


Born in 1986 in Rennes
Lives and works in Brussels
Graduated from DNSEP, EESAB from Rennes

Valérian Goalec uses existing forms while seeking to develop, modify and bring them elsewhere. He works with pieces of facades, windows or ceramics and transforms them into abstract sculptures. He is mainly interested in modulations and variations of forms.

His compositions can be apprehended both as separate and autonomous entities but also as a coherent whole whose parts are both interchangeable and independent. The artist exploits a preexisting form extracted from its original context ; appropriates it ; develops it and multiplies it in order to obtain a new COHERENT form. Without its original functional characteristics, the form gains further aesthetic qualities.

The works of Valerian Goalec were presented in different galleries. He exhibited in Brussels, Stems, “One to nine” Episode 4; in Copenhagen “Code Art Fair” with Zach Bruder and in London during the Sunday Art Faire. Recently, his work was showed in the Madrid exhibition “Arco Art Fair” and in Palma de Mallorca with the exhibition “20 cm from the ground” and started in May at L21 « Potentiality of Ten ».



Born in 1989 in Tallinn
Lives and works in Tallinn
Graduated of the Estonian Academy of Art

Kristina Õllek is a visual artist working in the field of photography, video and installation, within she questions the relations between space, object and image, considering the context of an original and a copy. Her work examines the contemporary image culture, the possibilities of how representation can be dealt with and how does it influence our perception. She’s specifically interested in the format of an exhibition making and in the phenomenon of art documentation, regarding how has its position changed in contemporary art today, in the digital age.

At the current show her piece “Under Certain Circumstances (Static Synthetic 1.0)” takes form as a site-specific installation in the basement floor of Coherent. The work combines the perception of natural elements and the post-digital environment, reflecting on the idea of specific humidity percentage that is being used in the data centres for the prevention of the static electricity as well as for the balanced moisture for plants in an artificial environment. The work is accompanied by the blue filtered light that stimulate process for an increased photosynthesis as well manipulate with the body’s melatonin level that’s imposed by the current era of the screens. Alongside the work contains of four acrylic water puddles that are placed on the floor that intertwine with the displayed works as well comment on the idea of a representational and artificial sensorial experience of the exhibition environment.

Kristina Õllek’s work has been exhibited around Europe, her recent selected group and solo exhibitions have been: “Screen Age I : Self-Portrait” (2018), Riga Photography Biennial, curated by Inga Brūvere in cooperation with Marie Sjøvold and Aiga Dzalbe, Riga; “You Know You’ve Become Part of the View” (2017), in collaboration with Kert Viiart, Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn, Tallinn; “Fold by Fold the Widowed Stone Unrobes Itself “(2017), curated by Stefanie Hessler, Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, Tallinn; “Image Drain” (2017), curated Anthea Buys, Tallinn Art Hall.  She was also part of POPPOSITIONS 2017 in Brussels with her project “WHEN YOU HAVE THE OBJECT ITSELF IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES / Poppositions“, which was represented by the artist-run space Rundum, that she is also a co-founder and member of.


Photographs courtesy of Alice Pallot & Kristina Õllek