Civil Twilight

Civil Twilight occurs just after sunset and the moment when the geometric centre of the sun is at 6 degrees below the horizon.

Caught before the beginning of day and beginning of night, twilight beckons the end. A bewitching intermission before the changing worlds. A palette cleanser for the next act. Twilight is the thin edge of the thaumatrope of time, flickering at speed as memory merges the transitions from day to night. In summer; morning light beckons a flight of song, and evening calls on those who invade, leech and crawl through the darkness. Winter dawn brings thaw, slowly tearing at the frost delivered by night, dusk brings time for cold to once again take hold. Twilight offers an exchange of knowledge for secrets and secrets for knowledge, day exposes and night shrouds. Harmony is found as twilight balances the scales.

Civil Twilight is the stage curtains for day, still keeping the dreams of night alive. Night offers few answers, and it’s mystery compels. Day offers opportunity, to those willing to engage with its tribulations. In the heavens above, Civil Twilight offers daylight a glimpse at theatrics. The fade in and eventual out signalling its presence. Daylight offers calm and new beginning. Night consumes the world stage, emotions are amplified. Night needs no introduction and dusk as it’s opening beckons it’s intent.

From the corner of your eye Civil Twilight performs its ritual. The sky’s leading star, washes with rich flourishes of reds, pinks, blues, and yellows, the announcement of change is rarely without spectacle.