Island Thinking – Re_Act Contemporary

Island Thinking

Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Paul Rosero Contrera, Regina de Miguel

Curated by Irene Campolmi and Àngels Miralda 

Re_Act Contemporary at MAH Museum, Terceira


Island Thinking Is the concept that relates this exhibition in Museu de Angra do Heroísmo to a two-week residency with Re_Act Contemporary. The residency invited two curators, Irene Campolmi (Denmark/Italy) and Àngels Miralda (Catalonia/USA), to work with artists who investigate themes of nature and technology relevant to the unique location and resources of the Azores region.The exhibition presents existing works by three internationally renowned artists – Jakob Kudsk Steensen (Denmark/USA), Paul Rosero Contreras (Ecuador) and Regina de Miguel (Spain/Germany). The artists present their previous projects in the main exhibition hall alongside a lab that shows the beginning stages of new projects, research, and work relevant to the islands. The residency served as a means to explore and investigate aspects related to their common research interests including technology, politics, and ethics about natural ecosystems; de-colonial thought and society of the Azores Islands; preservation of underwater species of plants and animals currently threatened by violent and repeated actions from extractivism.