Les Fioretti de Gropieds — Hélène Baril

Les Fioretti de Gropieds
Hélène Baril
Cocotte, Paris, France
05.08 – 22.08 2022
As in fairytales, Hélène Baril’s gouaches depict an arbitrary world, a world with a logic of its own. Created over time, Gropieds is a character of deep fantasy based on the need to build a plane for forms and colors. The fictional and introspective power that is devolved to Gropieds is what allows the paper to be etched. A burlesque and demiurge character, he has companions, be they friends or enemies. He creates a space, possibly that of the garden (but no Eden), and a time – seasons, unfolding time, crafting
time. He sets up his daily life, thus creating this
Fioretti series – reference to Roberto Rosselini’s Little Flowers of St. Francis.