Matthew Allen


7 May – 11 June 2016

Opening: 7 May 16:00 – 18:00 hrs.


On Saturday, May 7th is the opening of SPECTRAL VARIATIONS by the Australian artist Matthew Allen. Matthew Allen has previously exhibited his work at PS in the Summer group show last year alongside Harry Markusse and Coen Vunderink, however this will be his first solo show in The Netherlands, since relocating at the beginning of 2014.
For the exhibition, Matthew Allen will be debuting a number of new works on paper. His paintings form an ongoing inquiry into the materiality of paint upon support and the fundamental aspects of painting itself: colour, medium and process. Physicality of medium and the experience of colour form the kernel of the artist’s reductive approach.

The paintings are composed of a ground colour coated in transparent or translucent glazes, producing subtle, atmospheric gradients of tone that highlight the material working of paint whilst generating a colour suffused pictorial space




For more information please contact Jan van der Ploeg.

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