Milena Bassen, Tim Dönges, Oriana Fenwick & Ian Rodriguez, Franziska Kronmüller,
Melody Lu, Timur Lukas, Enxhi Mehmeti, Severine Meier, Maral Müdok, Lennart Schweigert,
Georg Thanner, Jan Trinkaus, Ron Wohler, Jeongkyoung Woo, Juewen Zhang

Curated by Johannes Schwalm,Lea Klemisch, Lena Stewens

Magma Maria, Offenbach am Main

17.12.21 – 18.01.22


Crowd – Gently pulled back a strand of hair that fell in to the face of this planet. In which tone do you wish to be addressed today? Framed some second guesses. Wrote another blank space manifesto on an Etch A Sketch in political earth quake season. Referenced all the ways of Peeing (publicly / private/ into the snow) to make no point at all. Certain type of Lingo. Disconnected the dots and scratched common currency signs into the oceanës epidermis. Letës get matching cover up tattoos? Scouted ripped question marks as background dancers for those internal Late Night Skits. I think itës kind of fun you drew a cloud.

Text by Lena Stewens

Photography:©Jakob Dieckmann / all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Magma Maria