Niccolò De Napoli, Vasco Forconi, Andrea Polichetti and Silvio Saccà

at DA FRANCO, Roma




“Senza Appuntamento” has now reached its second episode, presenting a group exhibition of artists Michele Gabriele, Emiliano Maggi, Andrea Martinucci, Caterina Morigi and Lorenzo Pace, inside Franco Candela’s Barberia via Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 289.

“Senza Appuntamento” is a dynamic and ironic response to the condition of radical economic and existential precariousness which multiple generations of artists, curators and workers in the field of culture are facing. Thanks to its light collective and horizontal structure, the project is designed to open a physical but most of all a relational space for artists where they can discuss and compare their research practices, giving at the same time to the public an opportunity to know more about the work done by young artists.

The project constitutes an emerging and open platform which will overtime tell about what is going on in the city of Rome while developing a dialogue with other active independent entities in Italy and Europe. On this occasion, Laura Amann, founder of the space Significant Other in Vienna will be invited to come to Rome as a visiting curator. The uniqueness of the project also resides in the incredible nature of the space that Franco Candela, owner of the Barberia, granted with generosity and enthusiasm. It is a space suspended in time, a space of an absolute social heterogeneity but most of all, it is a space for work. The space offers a real comparison between two completely different ways of working: there is the artist’s work and the labour that take place in the Barberia on a daily basis. This makes room for a broader reflection of which the exhibition represents the first tangible representation.

TECH GLEBA, the new issue of an independent editorial project, proposes itself as an additional research space, trying to trigger a dialogue in the peculiarity of images and a visual comparison between different research processes. It contains the contributions of the artists in the exhibition supported by contents from Niccolo de Napoli, Vasco Forconi, Andrea Polichetti and Silvio Saccà, a theoretical text by Laura Amann and a conversation with Franco Candela, owner of the Barberia. The fanzine was made thanks to the support of ATWC Immediate Marketing Solutions and NERO Editions and will be sold inside the Barberia to support the programming of the project. Thanks are due to Untitled Association for their collaboration.