There’s a Horse in the Backyard

Artists : Aires de Gameiro, Cíntia Coutinho, Inês Brites and Primeira Desordem

Lisbon, Portugal

14.05 – 14.06


Attention! This is a group exhibition. We don’t need coherence, we are showing our work. If you are feeling confused it’s perfectly normal because this is a group exhibition. Don’t try to make relations, don’t even bother to articulate what you see. We made no effort to sound as one and the curator is missing. This is a group exhibition. She brought her work, I brought mine. I’m putting mine here, her’s might look good there. Let’s try this, let’s try that. How does it look? What does it mean? Does it matter?

We want to look at pretty things. Maybe that’s not the show for that. Maybe it is. I think it might, he doesn’t. Let’s agree to disagree, but let’s also remove that painting from there. It doesn’t work. What does? Who cares? The viewer. Who’s the viewer? Is anybody coming to the show at all? Who are we doing this for? I (just) want to show my sculpture, so does she and he, and them. How do we put up everything together? We don’t. Every piece has its own private space. How private is that? No idea. Shouldn’t be that private anyway. It’s nice to look at it, isn’t it? Maybe. No? It fits there. Let it stay there then. Can I put my drawing here? Yes. There’s space for ev- erybody. I think it looks good PÁ (private joke). Maybe it’s just a private thing made public. That’s something to think about. We’re letting people to come into our private space, how much more do they want from us?

Jesus, so many questions. I thought the questioning part happend and stoped on the making of the works. I’m no curator, nor is she.
Let’s leave it like that. I like to look at it as it is. Don’t you? Never mind. I don’t wanna know. Maybe I do.

Shit, make it stop. I can’t handle that many questions and thoughts about this exhibition.


P.S. This press release is not a justification. But it could.