Clémence de la Tour du Pin

Tonus, Paris

13.05 – 28.05 2023


Hanging on the walls are two collages on paper, each composed of manipulated images arranged in a triangular shape. The motif is an elongated “X” with topological features, taken from the interior of earlier sculptures.

The first collage incorporates a low-resolution, distorted photograph of two posters placed
on a bedroom floor. These posters feature the pop singer Mylene Farmer, who gained popularity in France in the late 80s. The second, larger work combines stretched images of fabric samples. The plaid pattern references the costumes designed by Thierry Mugler for the singer’s debut concert in 1989. These horizontally compressed views generate an impression of fragmented recollection, underlining the inconsistency of memory.

Positioned on the steel tanker desk in the room, is the site-specific painting ‘Stricture’. It depicts an 18th-century Trictrac table. This game board, is in a recessed section, nestled within the
lower part of the table, and encircled by a wooden rim. The game board, with its rendered depth, introduces a space where the viewer’s gaze dives. This constraint within the field of play imposed upon individuals to conform to external systems, results in the distortion of the self. A game without pawns.

photographs: © Thomas Lannes