This insight focus on thre art stuffs that had our interest.

One exhibition to see, One concept to understand, One art event.


One exhibition to see

Heinz Mack « SPECTRUM »

curated by Matthieu Poirier at Galerie Perrotin.

Heinz Mack, photography of Fiona Vilmer

If there is one exhibition to see in Paris art galleries nowadays, you have to go to one of the most famous art gallery… Speaking about Emmanuel Perrotin’s gallery. The current exhibition « Spectrum » is all about the founder of the ZERO Group* Heinz Mack who deserved an exhibition in museum. Some of you can be use to enter an art gallery, seeing five pieces, ten maximum. Here it is about seventy pieces curated by Matthieu Poirier. Since 1973 at Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris, Mack had nearly disappear from the french art landscape. Today we appreciate the museum alike kind of exhibition. Also if you are in Istanbul the Sakıp Sabancı Museum has dedicated an exhibition to the artist : « MACK : Just light and colour », on display until July 17.

Heinz Mack, photography, Fiona Vilmer, SCANDALE PROJECT, by Fiona Vilmer
Heinz Mack, photography of Fiona Vilmer

• ZERO : (1951-1967) Group founded by Heinz Mack along with Otto Piene, Günter Uecker and later on Yves Klein, Lucio Fontana or Jesùs Rafael Soto (and more). Experimenting cinetic art and abstraction. ZERO wanted to change traditional art codes and give space to new possibilities working on light, movement, time, surface, space but also color, fire and radiation.

Heinz Mack, photography, Fiona Vilmer, SCANDALE PROJECT, by Fiona Vilmer
Heinz Mack, photography of Fiona Vilmer

• Heinz Mack : (1931) German artist, paintings and sculptures works take reliefs and some radical shapes using light, reflection, but also later on sand, wood, glass and stone following the immaterial through art.


One concept to understand

« l’état gazeux » : gaseous form.

Fabian Burgy, scandaleproject, scandale project, art, contemporary artist, emerging artist, art installation,
Fabian Burgy

This expression from Yves Michaud’s book L’art à l’état gazeux (2003)*, is not new but right on point in 2016. The gaseous form of art is the contemporary art according to the writer. It is true that nowadays the question is not what is art but when is art ? Since art use daily life as its medium since the 70’s when the fight in between « hight culture » and « low culture » lost its purpose. The gaseous form then comes when aesthetics got more important than art. To Yves Michaud, aesthetical experience becomes somehow the form of contemporary art which tends to put aesthetics everywhere. The height comes nowadays with social media such as Instagram where everyone can pretend to post aesthetical pictures of everyday life. Yes, nowaday flower as trash can become aesthetics, but is that this bad ?

*Michaud, Yves. (2003). L’art à l’état gazeux. essai sur le triomphe de l’esthétique.


One art event

Frieze New York

May 5-8

scandale project, scandaleproject, Maurizio Cattelan, Daniel Newburg Gallery, Frieze,
Maurizio Cattelan, Daniel Newburg Gallery at Frieze

Curated this year by Cecilia Alemani on Randalls Island for it’s fifth edition putting together 200 art galleries from 31 countries. For the biggest art fair one can find all art superstar such as Damien Hirst, Maurizio Cattelan and his donkey, Alex Da Corte, Yayoi Kusama, François Morellet, Faiga Ahmed and way more.

SCANDALE PROJECT, françois morellet, galerie hervé bise, frieze,
françois morellet galerie hervé bise



SCANDALE PROJECT, Faig Ahmed, galerie Nature Morte, New Dehli
Faig Ahmed at galerie Nature Morte, New Dehli


Text  of Fiona Vilmer writer specialized contemporary art.