The Mima Museum opened in Brussels last April with the aim to exhibit actual art and culture history 2.0 (linked to the Internet) as said on the website. Mima corresponds to « The Millenial Iconoclast Museum of Art ». The first exhibition called City Lights is about five artists from the urban art landscape such as Maya Hayuk, Momo, Swoon and Faile (duet artists). The buidling has great rooms to put on displays but the exhibition seems to lack from artworks unless we enjoyed Maya Hayuk own kind of chapel created for the exhibition. Also the permanent exhibition has some works starting from 2000 until now, with artist such as Alicia Mccarthy, Parra, Steve Power or Ari Marcopoulos but we hardly understand the choice of this collection with no information. At least, let’s not be too tough, it’s only the beginning of such an initiative to bring the post-internet culture into a museum in Europe. If there is something missing, we guess it is because it’s only the opening and the first exhibition, time will tell about this new institution 2.0. in which we believe.



In an art déco building (Victor Horta), le Palais des Beaux-Arts, « Bozar » welcomes at the same time few exhibition such as Theo Van Doesburg, Rembrandt or Daniel Buren. We choose to focus on the Daniel Buren exhibition named « Une fresque » (A fresco). The artist known for his mathematical stripes, created an environment with artworks that occurs to have an influence in his art history highway. Also a movie created for the exhibition as a fresco shows all the work for 3 hours where the viewer is free to stray, 10 min, one hour or more. The fresco would be here the equivalent of a restrospective for Daniel Buren’s work but adapted to his art. So far, most of Buren’s artwork are ephemeral or in situ and can’t be displayed in a museum at the same time, that’s why the fresco appears as a new genre retrospective. What’s important also in Buren’s process is the way to show art and that’s why here he appears as the curator of the exhibition and has a true reflection about displaying an artwork.


Patinoire royale

This atypical exhibition space puts on display two major artists working on space in their own field such as the desginer Jean Prouvé and the sculptor Vassilakis Takis thanks to François Laffanour and Stavros Mihalarias’ collections. The exibition is named « Prouvé-Takis, deux génies d’utopie » (Prouvé-Takis, two genius from utopia) but here we will focus on the greek artist Takis while his work takes place around and inside a Jean Prouvé’s house from 1957 build again for the exhibition (aluminium and glass panels). This one takes place in the middle of Takis « Télélumières » ; « Musicales » and « Télépeintures » playing with magnetic field where utopia gives hope. While we didn’t focus on Jean Prouvé, we can still notice the way both artists seek a reflection around space in between an utotopian aesthetics from the interwar period. One can wander around Takis’ works following different senses and magnetic field energy. Music, magnet and light bring here a cosmic energy to the exhibition confronting two major artist.



Text and Photographs  of Fiona Vilmer writer specialized contemporary art.