5 Artists to Love

For this new insight, we made a selection of five artists that we appreciate. In this one we choosed to focus on one aspect of their work to give you a taste with the hope to arouse your interest. Through this insight you will discover various mediums from painting to digital art, photography and more. In the love of art, here is the selection.


Alina Maria Birkner

Munich based artist, Alina Maria Birkner’s paintings are cosmic rainbows work of art. In a painted frame appears her landscape. The various geometrical shapes can remind us to neon lights thanks to the meticulous use of colours. The use of acrylic nearly give the illustion of watercolour painting. Here it gives light to the artist work. The sensory experience can be found in the change of color along Alina’s different works, bringing light to the viewer gaze accross these dreamy landscapes.


Jonathan Brechignac

French artist from the south, Jonathan Brechignac is well known for his serie entitled « The carpets », but here we would like to show another side of his work , focusing on his serie « Icône ». Playing with textures and patterns, each piece of work is independant but can find a different aspect when in pair. Everything has to be found in the detail. This serie is painted on wood, with resine and aim to ask us about the object itself and the different feelings of perception. Our only wish would be to touch the artwork then.


Dorothée Smith

If you look at Dorothée Smith’s work, you will see what you can’t see while what is usually to be seen can be hidden. Dorothée Smith’s portraits work appears as academic portrait in the contemporary society. Wondering about the idea of transition through intimacy, the look or who is who. Video, pictures, installations can be find through her work. « Spectrographies» serie had our interest. These can be described as thermal photographs. Following the quest to find the warmth of the lost ones. When blood run through their veines, subjects appears on the photography, yet their body is fully here.

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Lauryn Youden

Canandian born and now Berlin based artist Lauryn Youden comes accross video and digital art. Showing here a distorted video playing with « cliché » images from which you can listen to with headphones. This appears to create a futuristic and thoughtful atmosphere. Lauryn Youden’s work goes farther than photography to embodies the moving images surrounding us everyday in their kitch way of being. Here one find peace of mind for one moment.

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Malte Brandenburg

The self-taught Berliner photographer Malte Brandenburg explores through this serie entitled « Stacked » post-war Berliner buildings and tower blocks. Playing with symetry and geometric shapes cut out in the blue sky, each of them comes as an experiment where one can see their beauty in Malte Brandenburg eyes. By isolating these architectures, one can see them from a new angle. In the 60’s and 70’s, Berlin architecture got some minimalist vibes now in the eyes of Malte Brandenburg.

Text of Fiona Vilmer writer specialized contemporary art.