Acts, 0 — 9

Acts, 0 — 9

Valérian Goalec

10N, Brussels

17.04 – 13.05 2023

Act 0.
The title of the exhibition is written as follows: Acts, 0 — 9

Act 1.
During opening hours, a rope diverts the main access to the exhibition to the farthest point from the entrance. The artist has provided the rope.

Act 2.
For the duration of the exhibition, the vent covers outside the gallery are moved indoors according to annex 1. If ne- cessary, the uncovered vents outside may be secured with a protective element chosen by the gallery and the artist. A photograph must document the outside facade where the covers have been removed.

Act 3.
A people counter keeps track of the number of visitors during the exhibition. The data is archived as an artwork ac- cording to annex 3. The artist has provided the people counter to the gallery, which guarantees its accurate use. The position of the instrument is chosen by the gallery as long as it remains visible in the exhibition space.

Act 4.
Two lamps are installed side by side in the entrance hall. One light bulb emits a cool glow, the other a warm glow. The artist has provided the light bulbs.

Act 5.
A thermometer records temperature variations in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. It is installed according to annex 1. The recording disc is archived and dated according to annex 2. The record disc spins at the rate of one full rotation per week.

Act 6.
Six glass bottles of locally sourced mineral water are filled with silver. The artist has provided all of the elements.

Act 7.
All of the transparent containers from the gallery that can be filled with liquid and carried by hand are placed the farthest away from a source of water in the entrance hall, on a piece of fabric. The gallery has provided the piece of fabric.

Act 8.
All the junk mail received at the gallery during the exhibition must be kept in a storage box in the entrance hall. It will be archived according to annex 4. The gallery has provided the storage box and guarantees the regular collection of the mail.

Act 9.
All of the traces from the previous exhibitions in the gallery are left visible. No paint or coating can be applied.


Annex 1.
The element is fixed on a wall, its middle is aligned on 155 cm.

Annex 2.
The work should be centered in the frame and should not exceed 20 x 20 cm. The passepartout should measure 1 mm in thickness. The frame should be made of polished aluminum (reference 273003) and measure 50 x 40 cm.

Annex 3.
All the objects are packed in an archival, acid free cardboard box whose dimensions are defined by the maximum amount of the contained objects. The numbered and signed paper packaging serves as a certificate.

Annex 4.
The elements are kept in an archive binder.

Text: co-written by Valérian Goalec and Piero Bisello