Baby Horse – Charlotte Houette

Baby Horse

Charlotte Houette

Cocotte, Treignac

16.09 –17.10 2021


Charlotte Houette is a painter born in France in 1983. She has studied at the Beaux-arts in Paris and at
Art Center in Pasadena.
Her practice is mostly based in painting but encompasses other mediums into it, experimenting with techniques like dying, screen-printing, building and sculpting within the canvases. She occasionally makes objects and installations, and is involved in several collective and editorial projects (like the experimental school The Cheapest University, and the feminist science fiction publication EAAPES )

Drawing formal inspiration from children popup books, the Baby Horse series are a new development of Houette’s habit of creating openings in her paintings, which for previous series took the form of model-like built-in windows, importing transparency and reflections within the usually opaque canvas surface.
Here, the windows have made way for a subtle sliding system acting like a folding screen, that can be manipulated to progressively reveal a screen-print image, or on the contrary to camouflage it completely within the hand-painted starry of flowery pattern of the canvas.