Deflatable Aesthetics


Hawaii, Lisbon presents

Tiago Alexandre, Paulo Arraiano, Alexandre Camarao,  Margarida Gouveia, Brendan Michal Heshka, Pedro Matos, Nikolai Nekh, Ricardo Passaporte, Grabiele De Santis, Daniel van Straalen, Clayton Vomero.

Balcony Contemporary art gallery, Lisbon

06.06 – 11.07.20

Sugar tastes sweet. Lemons stay sour. Affirmative statements are provisional claims to truth. The last statement is true for all the previous statements and for this one as well. Just like beverages dealing with the nature of beauty and taste.

DEFLATABLE AESTHETICS is a sequel to the gallery’s first ever exhibition – titled INFLATABLE AESTHETICS that took place at HAWAII-LISBON in 2016.

The gallery which was founded by Director Mikael Larsson, located in a former garage in Parede, a small seafront village in the outskirts of Lisbon exhibited in the course of its nearly three-year existence 12 exhibitions by international working artists, many exhibiting for the first time in Portugal.

A new space is scheduled to open in 2020.

Better Becomes Best.

Mikael Larsson