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‘ Diva ‘

Anaïs Goupy & Lætitia Gorsy

Soej Kritik, Leipzig

02. 06. – 20. 06. 2018



Be very careful, do NOT GO IN.
A guy at the entrance promises you a great thing, but once inside, it’s empty. A dancer is FORCED to dance for you, and then they force you to pay for a show that you have absolutely not asked for.
A scam almost well planned but I finally managed to escape. In short, do not enter, and no need to add that these guys are obviously very threatening. I’m not the first one to be snookered. Fortunately, I didn’t pay. I’m on the verge of going to the police but I doubt that it’s going to change anything.
Luckily, I thought straight and I was able to escape. However, someone a little drunk will be ROBBED OR MORE. These guys must end up in jail.
Diva is a one night stand. A capsule created by the duo Anais Goupy (Fr) & Laetitia Gorsy (Fr). The room is a blue night, smoky. Your eyes burn. The sound is looped with a sensual and deep rhythm, you get tired. The pole in the middle is rough. Something went wrong. Something is going wrong. Inside the blue cube and outside the blue cube too, it all goes to shit.