Gens d’à côté

Gens dà côté

Clélia Berthier, Mélodie Blaison, Ludovic Hadjeras, Michaël Harpin, Charlotte Houette, Lou-Maria Le Brusq, Margaux Moëllic, Léo Moisy, Sophie Rogg, Antoine Trapp, Laurine Voisin.

Domestic Cults at Scale (Nantes, France)

01.07 – 03.07 2022


I take a stroll,

among the inhabitants

their puzzled gazes


to fantasize the presence of porcupines


as I move past I look

shocked into seeing

an accidental territory


feeling our body

is moving along, gliding

our eyes hovering slightly above everything

slightly above

just enough to feel a small relief of pressure in the eye


I spit in my hand, on the old tree stump

1,2,3, steps I won’t take

to the axis from block one to four

to the axis from window to window


I was trying to outline the blurry lamppost

with a fingertip

behind the naked tree branches

make it sharp

and then I remembered I was sleeping

and I oozed out


I let things take me places


I make a together


one on top of the other,

everything is displaced, was something ever placed?


we are like children in shells sometimes

unfolding the way they are*


*Sleep walks in the streets, it is definitely not the title (the traducer apparently decided to romanticize it and it is most likely a more than human manner of seeing :)). I would also say that this kind of dream is pure, similar to those of children and that it comes and goes like in the midst of a turmoil. There are so many errors in language. Everything I say is not true. Or almost; that is to say, from your point of view, false. We have therefore left language, but there was nowhere to go, so we stayed here.