I will give you a taste of your inner desires – Andrea Martinucci

I will give you a taste of your inner desires

Andrea Martinucci

Curated by Bianca Baroni

27.05 – 13.07

Renata Fabbri, Milano


Renata Fabbri is glad to announce I will give you a taste of your inner desires, Andrea Martinucci’s first solo show at the gallery.

For this project the artist develops a new series of paintings which explore the idea of “undressing” as a metaphor of the creation and the experience of images.

The artist plays with the suggestive and imaginative cliché of the strip-tease, a practice that shifts the core of the erotic experience from full nudity to the moment of expectation and projection that anticipates it. The timeframes that mark respectively desire and pleasure merge in one dimension dominated by evocation and imagination, a territory in which reality and fantasy are blurred into one another.

In line with such sensitivity Martinucci’s artworks seem to allude to the encounter of different bodies. Each image crystallizes a subject suspended between its sensual revelation and the prudish dissimulation of its own physicality. The artist sets the viewer in the position of a voyeur, an observer that is both discrete and curious, and who is only given a taste, a partial vision of the subject.

At the core of every painting we find images selected from those visual fluxes in which we navigate everyday through social media. Images that are often reconfigured and concealed with diverse motives and colour blocks. The intersection of imaginaries and gestures produces layered compositions revealing the initial figure. A subject that maliciously denies itself to the viewer, just like an entity caught in the middle of an “undressing” ritual.

The seductive disclosure of each figure retraces the suggestion of various bodies. Elusive fragments of limbs and faces alternate soft surfaces and objects that allude to the sinuosity of the flesh. The exhibited works seem to be conceived as the visualization of a feeling, images giving body to the fantasy of a tactile experience.


Courtesy of the artist and Renata Fabbri arte contemporanea