I’m Fly-ing… I’m Fly-ing… I’m Fly-ing Away – Josquin Gouilly Frossard

 I’m Fly-ing… I’m Fly-ing… I’m Fly-ing Away

Josquin Gouilly Frossard

Curated by Camille Besson & Haydée Marin Lopez

Café des Glaces, Tonnerre, France

05.03 – 11.06 2022


Wooden transport crates, a shelf full of paint cans positioned according to a real chromatic research, sculptures that impregnate the space, images that are reflected, questioned.

Josquin Gouilly Frossard, photographer, has taken possession of the Café des glaces, in Tonnerre, where he will exhibit from March 5th until June 11th. For a month, he has been installing, transforming, undoing, redoing, thinking about the space in the old café that has been closed for more than twenty years.

His installation work adapts to this emblematic place, which is part of the markers of local heritage with its architecture dating from 1886. The Paris-born photographer, who lives and works between Belgium and France, decided to use his shipping crates as a medium for his photos.

 “I am in transit,” he says. He has created a real labyrinth on the first floor, between the wooden crates and the mirrors that adorn the walls. He thus proposes a wandering through the space and among his photos.

Josquin Gouilly Frossard has built his work outside the classical art circuits. He poses on his subjects a look full of spontaneity. His images jostle, reveal, and offer snapshots of life that challenge the eye of the viewer. 

He uses what is at hand, apparently simple materials, in an attempt to represent a filterless world.


-Thierry Drosson for L’Yonne Républicaine, 2022 


Photography: Camille Besson / all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Café des Galces, Tonnerre