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Nicola Gobbetto

‘ All you can eat ‘

Curated by Andrea Lacarpia




By observing the world, the human mind tends to anthropomorphize space and objects, comparing them to human body. This process is innate and is originated within the neuronal system that repeats inside what is seen outside, by translating images in body terms. Body and mind create a unique organism that, in its relation with the world, wants to fulfill pleasure through cultural representations. Imagination therefore, is strictly connected to desire fulfillment via objects and symbolic replacements.
Myth often humanizes instincts but also spaces and objects are often associated to human form like it happens in fantastical tales when objects come to life. After examining the initiatory path of the hero with his last show Hands up, hands tied at Davide Gallo Gallery, with this exhibition the artist focuses on the creative act, specifically on the process that leads to an idea. The project is full of symbols and metaphors, biological process and imagination, order and disorder all joint together in the process of transformation.
Human tension pushes man to expand in the universe and may affect and make bulimic his pleasure and self assertion through performance: this is what Nicola Gobbetto illustrates here by bringing on the same level sexuality, sport and artistic creation in their challenges with the body.
The gallery space is seen as a human being where the main floor represents biological processes, a big belly that feeds itself through what comes from outside while the mezzanine is the mind waiting for stimulus ready to translate into vital energy.


Via Matteo Maria Boiardo 11 – Milano
Visits by appointment only
Tel. +39 380 5245917
www.dimoraartica.com / dimoraartica@gmail.com