Patric Sandri



In the exhibition ‚Eight Canvas – One Painting’ Sandri transforms the tools of painting (stretcher bars, canvas and paint) into the gallery space. He installs eight dyed transparent canvas in the colors pink, neon yellow and blue in the gallery. The lights in the gallery and from the windows subserve and complete the ‚painting‘. The intense colors from the transparent canvas mix with each other, glow and stretch themselves out into the room, reflect and radiate on the gallery walls, floor and roof which are dipped in colored light. The architecture of the space becomes a part of the composition. Parts of the gallery walls are treated with a high-gloss finish and reflect the surroundings. What is important is the perception of the site-specific image that should be viewed as a painting within the three-dimensional area. Rather, the scene in the actual room should be perceived as an image with depth and volume. The image shall be experienced through a heightened intensity by the participant, movement within the space becomes a tool for painting whereby the image and perspective constantly change. Similar to a stage, the space or environment now serves as an image-carrier, the composition as the plane, the matter as bodies, the light as a source. With the participant involved, the perception within the painting becomes essential, connected directly with the reality of human experience.

This exhibition is kindly supported by Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur.


Bernerstrasse Nord 180

1st floor

CH-8064 Zurich

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