As always, just a matter of perspective

Paulo Arraiano


October 21 –  December 22


Faced with the unprecedented shift from direct life experience to an artificial way of connecting / disconnecting with the natural world, Interacting through analogic and electronic signals, guided by information that travels throughout satellites, orbit bodies, created by man that, directly via mobile protheses, act as new divinities controlling via GPS data our daily life performance. A new paradigm alters our perception of time, space and reality, in contrast to the availability of a sensory contemplation. The “digital act” contrasts and coexists with our human nature in an eternal cross communication. A moment in time where matter / non-matter dialogue in a layer of digital blandness, where mood manipulation and the non-spontaneity of trying “too hard” as a mode of indifference is part of our daily swipes, enjoying the illusion and escapism of a post-emotional society, where everything is stored into a cloud or depends on the wifi. A particular moment where human bodies create a physical distance towards dematerialisation and of the importance of the object, where speed of a post-digital generation dictates time and artificially replaces the natural, contributing for a transformation of human perception. These entities – satellites – also trough digital registration, connect us in a pictorial way to the landscape, and in that sense to flora, body and skin. Here technology and the digital will be the element that remembers and re-connects us to the the elements that were here even before our physical presence. Those elements symbiotically contribute to drive the body to its ancient basic elements of human existence although constantly perceived by technology.