Recent Work – Sean Donovan

Recent Work

Sean Donovan

M23, New York

15.10 – 06.12 2020


Sean Donovan’s recent work addresses the consequences of human global dominance. The work The Wasteland is based on chemical pods found in an abandoned industrial park outside of Lisbon, Portugal. The factory, and its surroundings are now a toxic wilderness of refuse poisoned by the production process. The colorful pods embossed with the word “PLENTY” symbolize the myopic philosophy of industrialists who placed profit over the welfare of their employees and the environment. The resin pods cast at one-third scale, are arranged and suspended overhead as a whimsical, rotating “daisy”.

A group of three works, each with the title Control Command Delete, take their form from the carapace of turtles who are among the world’s most threatened groups of species due to habitat loss, the illegal pet trade, and consumption for food and traditional medicine. The found shells symbolizing luck, good health, and a long life, protrude from the gallery walls with a delicate gesture of neon.

An industrial receptacle, severed and suspended by a steel armature, becomes a visual and acoustic experience when placed within the confines of an exhibition. With the work No Title, the artist brings us face to face with the tools of industrial waste.

Courtesy of the artist and M23.