Restes Diurnes

Restes Diurnes

Ludovic Beillard, Io Burgard, David Casini, Hendrik Hegray, Laura Gozlan, Patrick Pion

Galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris

04.12  2021 – 15.01 2022 2022 


= D. : Tagesrete – En. : day’s residues. – Es. : restos diurnos. – I. : resti diurni – P. : restos diurnos

In the psychoanalytical theory of dreams, elements of the previous day’s vigilant state that are found in the dream narrative and the dreamer’s free associations; they are more or less distantly connected with the unconscious desire that is fulfilled in the dream.1(…)

The intention of this group exhibition is to start a new project within the gallery and with the artists, dealing with the connections, real, supposed or fictitious, between art and psychoanalysis. Amongst different domains of interest, the research will concern the unconscious dynamics inherent in the creative process. This will be done by regarding art as an experience and an incarnation2 , as much for the singularities that create it as for those who receive and interpret it; regarding the works in their narrative dimension, linear or fragmentary, but always subjective. Far from being able to provide answers now, or even to make assumptions, prior to a more in-depth work over several years, this exhibition is a primer, before the cycle
that will follow from next year. It is the fruit of a free association of works, whose representations seem to summon up elements extracted from everyday life, such as day’s residues, reminiscences, involved in the «work of the dream», giving rise to deformations evoking dreamlike images, accomplices of unconscious desires.


1. J. LAPLANCHE et J.B. PONTALIS, Vocabulaire de la psychanalyse, Paris, PUF, 1967, p. 423.
2. Julia KRISTEVA, Sens et non sens de la révolte. Pouvoirs et limites de la psychanalyse, Paris, Fayard, 1996, p. 25-29.