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||||BBBERLIN| MATTHIEUPALUD|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Matthieu Palud, Viktoria Wendel Skousen

Curated by Sangt hipolyt, BBBerlin

at BPA Raum, Berlin 



For its fifth exhibition, BPA// Raum is taken over by two Berlin-based artist-run spaces: Sangt Hipolyt (initiated by Burkhard Beschow and co-operated by BPA// alumna Anne Fellner), and BBBerlin (initiated by BPA// alumnus Mickael Marman).


Five years ago, when Sangt Hipolyt was founded, it was still called St. Hippolyt like the saint, and also like the horse feed company that I had gotten in trouble with.

For this presentation we invited Viktoria Wendel Skousen to show works from both her series “Colleagues” and “Perennial” alongside Matthieu Palud, invited by BBBerlin. It just so happens that the exhibition “Colleagues” by Mickael Marman, Bbberlin, was one of the first shows at SH.

Viktoria Wendel Skousen founded Texted, an archive for artistic writing in 2013.
Since last year, the program at SH has been extended by Anne Fellner ́s exhibition format

The Bellermann Hypnotist. B. Beschow

Lights that switch on at nightfall, a red velvet chaise lounge and an orange lampstand – these are the hypnotist’s props. An audio program accompanies each show. By the time you read this, episode 5 will have just aired. The name refers to the location of the space: Bellermannstraße in Wedding.

A. Fellner

BBBerlin is an art space started by Mickael Marman, initially founded in 2010, then under the name Knekt, in Oschlo.
Due to educational circumsttances and personal life journeys the space only re-emerged around 2019 as BBBerlin, doing mainly solopresentations in domestic circumstances, but also aat other art venues in bberlin, and other citys in Europe at this point..

Five years on after painting the floor black for the show -colleagues, another idea of collegiality appears, and the name.
St. berlin comes up, and it sounds like an idea to pput into life. Decisions around the shape of such a programme is an organic fform
and thought-process constantly in change of personality.

The artist shown in the exhibition Matthieu Palud, is a result of ongoing conversations with the artist Christope De Rohan Chabot.

Matthieu Palud and Louise Sartor are running the art space Cocotte. M. Marman

Quantum Listening is listening to more than one reality simultaneously.

Pauline Oliveros

Put the kids to bed, switch your phone to airplane mode, and sit at your desk. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale, open your eyes, and look closely at the first object your eyes land on.

Do you see me? That’s me, the lighter with ” Bonne Soirée ” written on the side. Look at how the warm light from the bedside lamp seems to radiate out from my black body (polished by the frequentation of pockets) and my white base (bitten by beer caps). And how the oxidation stain that covers the bic logo pushes the chrome of the wind shield off, making it blister. Look closer, and notice how the chance of collisions has placed a small oblique notch above the “e” in “Soirée”, giving the impression that it has taken its accent from the almost erased “é” that precedes it. Come nearer, and contemplate the white emulsion that gives substance to the two protagonists of this crime scene, caught in the chaos of the micro scratches I am covered with. Shift your gaze slightly, on the white acrylic tabletop, and superimpose the two surfaces. Zoom in again, on the rhythms and patterns in the arrangement of the polymerized particles. These are questions and answers, information transmitted, secrets exchanged.

The table, “e” and I speak the same language, and at this precise moment, from this precise point of view, you are witnessing our conversation. In the interval that separates me from the tabletop, everything calls to everything, and everything answers to everything. Your work is to find the right angle, and record.

Now that it has your full attention, the table improvises a tragedy for you, composed of the chorus of 24 non-slip picots that adorn the sides of the lice-repellent lotion bottle that was nearby, and the three masks forming the logo printed on the header of the rent receipts stacked in a corner. The cast also includes “e” the murderer and the rust stain, but also the cat hair accumulating behind the power strip, the specks of dust embedded around the keys of the keyboard you never use, as well as all the relations observable in this part of the world to which you have decided to pay a little attention. All this dialogues, exchanges and contaminates itself on a multitude of levels.

As soon as you put your work on the table, it changes the whole conversation, because it also participates in it. Note these changes, correct, write over your old notes. Shape your palimpsest. You stutter your mother tongue. The art lies in playing with these feedback loops. To slow them down, to rewind them, or to let them go, towards infinity. The universe collapses into the same singularity that gave birth to it: your own gaze.

Now take me in your hand, and light me up. When was the last time you had a cigarette?

François Lancien-Guilberteau, novembre 2022.