Surface Tension

Latest solo exhibition from Berlin based artist Michael Bennett.


Consisting of a series of all new paintings and companion installations, the exhibition has a thematic focus on time and space in the context of artistic process as well as exploration of surface, and its value / significance in art.

The abstract paintings are created using a mix of mediums, including; acrylic, enamel, oil stick, lead pencil and acrylic medium. These are applied, adjusted and adapted intuitively and without hesitation, resulting in broad and bold gestures and mark making. Serving as a visual record of emotions past, whilst also maintaining strong evidence of the artists interaction with the work, they become frozen moments of time, eternalized in state of genuine vulnerability. This visible honesty, personality and decision making scribed into each painting offers an approachable and engaging entry point to the work.

The tension and visual friction created between the materials and surfaces of the three-dimensional works in the exhibition, highlight and conceptually mirror those same contrasts and notable milestones within the painted works. Fast paced gestures from the paintings, coupled with the stillness of repeated and mundane materials of the sculptures, create a more thorough, balanced and spatially considerate viewing environment. In which calmness and chaos can co-exist.

Additionally this provides an opportunity for the audience to explore and deliberate, both the works and themselves within. This continues Bennett’s on-going and underlying interest in self-exploration and inner discovery via the medium of art inspired contemplation.

Produced by combining a selection of found and ready-made objects and common construction materials, alongside specifically produced and deliberately altered ‘artistic’ elements, the installation works exemplify and physicalize themes of time, space and surface.
When unified these paintings and installations produce scenes which recall a fictional time or moment, but in real life and real time. Components which existed uniquely and separately in the world prior to their marriage, have now been re-born/re-purposed and harmonized in the eyes of the artist.

Immortalized imagery in a temporary space for a limited time…