The Drowning Dog – Jonathan Mildenberg

The Drowning Dog

Jonathan Mildenberg

M23, New York

10.03 — 08.05 2022

M 2 3 is pleased to present The Drowning Dog – an exhibition of new work by Jonathan Mildenberg. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, 10 March 2022 from 5 to 8 pm (patio reception). Please note: Face coverings and compliance with social distancing protocols are required for entry. Capacity inside the exhibition space is limited per the discretion of the gallery. The exhibit will be on view 10 March through 08 May 2022.

I used to wonder why he treated me as he did. I would try to anticipate his moods, studying tiny changes on his face or small shifts in his gate- but he gave away nothing. He was like a picture of himself, frozen and focused. There was no pattern to the plot- or at least that I could understand. With time, I learned to accept our relationship as it was, and take whatever pleasure I could get from it- whatever pleasures he would allow me, but I would have to think about pleasure differently. Pain was a true reflection of the world, so in way, he gave me the world- and so much more! Love and tenderness were stories for young stupid pups and in those awful fantasies lay my true anguish. And his pain washes over me. He gave me life, and even now, continues to. Who am I to question such grace?
– excerpt The Drowning Dog