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initiated by BSMNT DE 

with  Adina Šulcov, Adrian Altman, Alessandro Nucci, Alexandra Koumantaki, Arthur  Golyakov, BCAA System, ChillChill, Clara Duflot, Elsa Werth, Erol Medenčević,  Femmes Actuelles, František Hanousek, Georgio Karamanolakis, Gertie Adelaido,  Gondris Cavel, Graham Wiebe, Jakub Hájek, Jakub Hošek, Katerina Komianou,  Kevin Senant, Kludde (Conjunktival, Nooit Meer Naar Huis, Jannes Snyers, Glenn  De Cock, Kris Catteau, Julie De Kezel), Laura Gozlan, Lisa Signorini, Lise Stouff let, Lucille Leger, Mahalia Köhnke Jehl, Malvina Panagiotidi, Matěj Čech, Mehdi  Besnainou, Natalya Serkova, Neckar Doll, Nik Timková, Philip Ullman, Pure Ever  (Rifqi Amirul Rosli, Zhiyi Cao, Raigo Law, Elsa Wong, and Hilary Yeo), PrsntPrsnt,  (B. Maus, Chen Pin Tao, Clara Wong, Jennnital, Suze Chan), Romain Vicari, Simon Kounovsky, Stach Szumski, Stas Lobachevskiy, Underground Flower (Ava  Phen, Torre Alain, Valerie You, Rasheed Mirza), Vanya Venmer, Victor Vaysse,  Vitaly Bezpalov, Vojtěch Hlaváček, Wolf Cuyvers, Yannis Voulgaris 

Curated by Marian Luft, Gözde Filinta & Ronny Szillo 

30.10 – 14.11 2020 

Halle 14 UG, Leipzig


TUTORIAL is a self-paced learning exercise in making a statement for an unknown  future. In these times of conflicts and limitations, TUTORIAL focuses on ‘what is  possible,’ believing in the potential of art and solidarity. Here, art acts as a spe culative potential, an affirmation of alternative and sustained states of coexisting.  For this, TUTORIAL invited eight off-space to develop proposals, manifesting new  possibilities for producing together, seeking new social structures beyond the prac tices of commercial standards. Through imaginations, utopias, or pure insights ex pressed in artistic productions, each proposition responds and reflects our present  crises in ecology, social life, economics, and health. 

The International Off-Space Network aims to build an extensive network of inter national artist run spaces cultivating new relationships and ideas between artists,  curators, galleries, and people in arts. The series attains an alternative approach  to collaboration and production, with its non-hierarchical, reachable, transparent,  open-source, non-competitive, and progressive structure. It promotes the solidarity  of independent art spaces, building a strong network of art professionals, coun ter-acting to the sovereign art market. Each year, international off-spaces are invi ted to participate and curate their shows, encouraging participation and teamwork.  The collaborative process is later presented in an exhibition, each time with a diffe rent focus and location. Each year’s theme investigates matters of the present time,  applies and tests utopia, and challenges postmodern understandings.


Credits: Logo by Felix Sandvoss. Poster by Don Elektro. Supply by Clemens Reinecke. Texts by Gözde Filinta. Photography & Webdesign by Marian Luft. Fonts: RT

Obligat by Max Wieland & Nafta Light by Bolderaja 1 Studio.
Tutorial is supported by Kulturamt Leipzig & Stiftung Kulturfonds.