Variations on a Theme

Adam Basanta

FOFA Gallery Montreal

April 8 – May 19


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Adam Basantaʼs Variations on a theme presents a collection of sound installations and mixed media sculptures. In each artwork, consumer sound reproduction technologies—microphones, speakers, amplifiers, headphones—are subject to a series of transformations. These minimalist choreographies take a variety of highly sculptural forms—superimposed acoustic enclosures, a curtain constructed of hundreds of earbud headphones, a surgically divided PA system—employing a utilitarian aesthetic in their absurd transfigurations.
The works play on the physical expectations of sound making, highlighting both the subtle ornamentation of unexpected sound and the resonant weight of silence. Through the redirection of both form and function, objects become part of a larger thematic vocabulary which invites us to examine both the objects themselves and our relationship to them in unconventional ways. As visitors engage with each work as well as the shared sonic spaces in-between, they can attend to the shifts in their own listening.