What Matters

Group show by Data Rhei


With :

Ethan Assouline
Hélène Bertin
Florian Pentsch
Dimitri Robert-Rimsky





Parking places, buildings, fast-foods, call-centres, golf courses, AliExpress, even Amazon Hub. What Matters connects who we are with the place we live.

The exhibition wants to relate different scales of power. By going up the thread that unites the body and the global as different spaces of struggles; it reveals an existence which is only the symptom: the emerged part of the social.

The crisis between intimate and politics is a core element of Dimitri Robert-Rimsky’s work. Travelling across desert infrastructure zones, setting flags upon housing projects, he stresses the link between globalization, public investment, FDI and an inner life spread by anxiety and melancholia.

What Matters is about our capacity to produce discourse in an ideologically hostile infrastructural space. Set up a living room in a garage like a teenager, settle in the in-between… A sofa, a coffee table, and some mass-consumption goods, all this shapes a life you’ll remember in a Saudade-like way: Ethan Assouline brings together the standardized, the rationalized, and the repeatable with the closest, the most personal.

From the punk band to Steve Jobs, What Matters wants to deal with the space between the garage and its image. This friction is the centre of Florian Pentsch’s practice. Reproducing the printed matter in a giant poster, he highlights the emotional gap that separates absence from presence.

Clouding the issue. Hélène Bertin manufactures objects with an uncertain status: a hidden mailbox between a divining rod and two camel’s humps. These two magnetized shapes were grafted during pouring of the aluminum. Hanging at the garage entrance, the sculpture is swinging, shifting between museological purpose and intimate address.

At the end, What Matters, through its installation within a gallerist’s garage, is both an exhibition on sovereignty building and nostalgia as a branding approach.

“Utopia traverses the exosphere. With less place to live in – there is no alternative – we have to build up the new city. But where? What would you say about a vacant lot or a field? There is the unspoilt nature, the wilderness – not the darkness – on the outskirts of the town.

Take possession of a different form in anonymous premises, away from the main entrance. Explore spatial margins and substantial data. To propose a collection objects and interludes to escape from a normative framework of production and conceive the present like a GPS for the future.

The regime of time and space are subjected to diffraction and entanglement. Each moment is a multiplicity into a given singularity; multiplicity of a unit which only exists as the unit of a multiplicity. Even the smallest pieces of matter, points without coordinates or structure are inhabited by the wanderings of an infinite array of possibilities. Whole universes within each point. Every moment, deeply charged with all the other moments, holographically condensing the reasons for the bursting created by an accumulation of virtual journeys in the indeterminacy of being-time.

Therefore, to Re-live is not only subjective, matter itself is political from top to bottom, but also within the materials it includes: a metaphysics inside a plain piece of concrete.” Re-Material, DR, 2017, A3, black & white printing.