Maija Fox, Vesa Rahikainen & Man Yau

Outo Olo, Helsinki, Finland

03.12– 18.12 2022

The exhibition wip is a set-up for casting metallic dreams. The installation includes crucial tools of casting such as the crucible, pliers, and safety gear, and a trace of heat hovering above the material process. This set-up is built upon shared need, security and anticipation, and being in it, we share the momentum where the body is connected to the long history of tradition while the mind is already imagining something to come.

The installation refers to the process of metal casting, a traditional technique that has brought together the participating artists Maija Fox, Vesa Rahikainen, and Man Yau. They have been working together with the method since 2020, at their beloved workshop called Levytie, a former part of Uniart Helsinki premises. The installation at Outo Olo is a collaborative work, the implementation of which follows the same rules as in metal castings: shared tasks with mutual confidence, work safety, and red-hot metal falling into place.

Photography: Emma Sarpaniemi