Andrea Artemisio

Massimo, Milan

14.10 – 30.10 2022


Concluding its exhibition season, MASSIMO is thrilled to present ZANZARE,
Andrea Artemisio’s first solo show, from 14th to 30th October at via degli Scipioni 7. For the occasion, a never-published short film, whose title matches that of the event, offers glimpses of the everyday life of a fictitious cemetery, where an unexpected event disturbs the daily routine.

“The only sound I remember is that of mosquitoes. I was a child and my father used to take me to visit my mother’s grave. Of those afternoons, this is all that has remained in my memory.”

The movie, evoking familiar feelings, brings together the typical characters and atmospheres of Artemisio’s work in a single space, characterized by a never-ending search for what is immediate and spontaneous. The lack of sound and grey tones recall, emphasizing the idea of suspension.

Andrea Artemisio, ZANZARE, exhibition view, MASSIMO, Milan.

Courtesy the artist and MASSIMO

Ph. Flavio Pescatori